Video of Deputy Ignoring a Shooting Call Goes Viral

A Los Angeles County sheriffs's deputy is under investigation after a video shows him purposely ignoring and mocking a shooting call that came over the dispatch radio.

Deputy Jeremy Fennell is shown sitting in his patrol car talking to the camera in a video message to his then girlfriend.

As he speaks the call comes over the line.

"Someone's gettign shot. Oh well...I know I gotta go, but I'm not gonna go because you're mad. I want to make things right with me and you."

The 51-second video was sent to Priscilla Anderson, who says she posted the video online because she was ignored when she brought her concerns over her ex's behavior to his supervisors and was ignored.

“I was shocked and saying, ‘Oh my God. There’s no way you could do something like this’."

Anderson says she has other videos she sent where Fennell's behavior has been less than stellar with the public and how he has been violent to her in the past.

Her attorney, Ben Meiselas says the police supervisors need to not ignore these complaints.

“They are treating the most serious police duties as though they are a joke...people’s lives have been placed in danger.”

The Sheriff's Department is launching an investigation and Fennell was arrested days later on suspicion of domestic violence and placed on desk duty.

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