Texas teen duct-taped to pole after losing bet

Cops in Texas pulled up to a strange scene of a teen taped to a traffic sign at an intersection.

As they were approaching the kid, another man carrying a knife walked up to them.

An officer shouted:

“Drop the knife or I’ll Tase you."

It turns out the man with the knife was friends with the duct-taped guy on the pole, and he was just there to cut him down.

The 17-year-old on the pole had lost a bet over an NBA game, choosing the Rockets over the Warriors:

“I went with the Rockets. I was at McDonalds eating. I lost. My friend said it was time ‘I pay up your bet [and] I have an idea.’ He got there with four rolls of duct tape.”

17-year-old Miguel Chavez said his friends flipped a coin to decide what to tape him to:

“Heads was taped to pole and tails was taped to a car. Boom, it hit heads. I lost a bet."

Sounds like a good sport. Just a word of advice, don't approach officers with a knife like Chavez's friend did. 

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