Prank Almost Gone Wrong: Texas Teen Taped to a Pole

A Texas teen was duct taped to a pole by his friends after losing a sports bet.

Seventeen-year-old Miguel Chavez was at McDonalds with his friends when a friend wanted him to pay up.

The friend had four rolls of duct tape and he and the group tossed a coin to decide where Chavez would be taped; heads for pole, tails for car.

Well spoiler alert but the coin landed on heads and Chavez was strapped to an intersection traffic sign.

As funny as the bet was, it could have taken a turn when the police were called to the scene.

As they moved towards Chavez, another man approached them holding a knife.

Witnesses heard the police shout:

“Drop the knife or I’ll tase you.”

The man explained he was a friend of Chavez and was there to cut him down.

The officers then helped get him get Chavez down and gave him a lift home.

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