Lots of Bay Area residents are ready to leave the state - Are you fed up too?

The California dream is totally dead. Things are especially bad up in the Bay Area where housing prices are insane, politicians are slimy and support sanctuary policies, and traffic is hell.

A survey from Bay Area News Group shows that almost half of the residents there are dying to get out.

40% of those surveyed said they're pissed about the constantly clogged roads and the insane cost of living. That number was at 33% just a year ago.

46% of millennials are ready to bolt, which scares economists because it could mean less young bright people going into the tech world.

So, where do all these people want to go?

A recent LinkedIn survey shows that Bay Area refugees are looking at these cities the most:

  • Portland, Oregon
  • Seattle, Washington
  • Austin, Texas

Those cities are probably the same ideologically as Bay Area cities, they're just way more affordable.

San Francisco's median home price is $1,147,300? That's insane!!! And the town is disgusting, no wonder everyone wants to get out!

It's not just the Bay Area that people want to leave, this whole state is getting pretty bad.

Are you ready to leave too?

Read more at Mercury News.

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