Governor's Race: Republican Candidate John Cox

We'll be voting for a new Governor before you know it, and we really need to give this state an enema. Unfortunately the candidates aren't that great. 

Gavin Newsom? Tony Villar?? Blech!!!

According to a Berkeley IGS Poll, Newsom is in the lead at 28%.  But behind him in second place at 18% is republican candidate John Cox, a businessman from Rancho Santa Fe who announced his candidacy earlier this month.

Behind him are Tony Villar, John Chiang, and Delaine Eastin.

Cox is the only republican running for Governor, and he's supported by 55% of GOP voters. The pendulum needs to swing the other way in this state. Gavin Newsom will be more of the same stuff we got from Jerry Brown, and we've seen the damage he's caused.

John Cox joined us today to tell us more about himself, and why he should be the next Governor of California:

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