Californians aren't too thrilled about gas and car tax hikes

This week Governor Jerry Brown decided to hold Californians hostage by proposing a gas and car tax hike to fund $52 billion in road repairs.

The voters won't have a chance to shoot it down either, Brown will get this thing passed through the legislature.

He's preaching doom and gloom, saying that we're going to fall apart if we don't get taxed more.  But why hasn't infrastructure been his priority in the past? And where has all of the money gone that was supposed to go to roads in the first place?

They know they messed up, and now their answer is to tax us again to get more money.

It's so gross how they mismanage our money.

This tax will only hurt the lower and middle class people, who depend on driving to get to work everyday.

A poll from ABC7 shows that Californians aren't too enthusiastic about this new plan from the Governor.

When asked about the overall conditions of the state's roads, those surveyed were divided between "good," "fair," and "poor."

But, they didn't necessarily think that raising taxes would be the answer to fixing our infrastructure.

40% opposed the tax, 37% said they would support the tax, and 20% said they were unsure.

61% said California should make better use of the money it has now.

Yes! This state has had its priorities out of order for so long! The money from this new tax will be wasted as well. Let this be further proof that the pendulum needs to swing the other way in this state!

Read more at ABC7.

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