Man mauled and killed by his own dog in front of BBC crew

Here's a strange story out of the UK, where a man was mauled and killed by his own dog in front of a BBC documentary crew.

Mario Perivoitos got chomped in the neck by his Staffordshire bull terrier and succumbed to his injuries two hours later.

Perivoitos was with a BBC crew at the time of the attack. The crew was questioned over an alleged breach of an "antisocial behavior closure," which banned anyone other than the resident from entering the property.

Apparently Perivoitos' apartment was a big time druggie hang out, littered with needles and all kinds of unsavory people.

The BBC crew was not arrested as police determined that they weren't at the apartment to do drugs.

The crew wasn't rolling when the attack happened, but they did call 911 after the dog launched himself onto Perivoitos.

An examination of his body showed that he died from hypovolemic shock and damage to the airway. Meanwhile the dog is in a kennel awaiting his fate.

Friends and neighbors said Perivoitos was a "nice guy," but was he really? He was using his apartment as a drug den and his dog was probably sick of it.

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