TSA is OK With Child Pat-Downs

A TSA agent is under fire after a video showing him patting down a boy goes viral.

The video, originally posted to Facebook by the boy's mother Jennifer Williamson shows an agent patting down the boy's arms, torso and up and down his legs even going on the inside of his shorts.

Williamson says the treatment of her son Aaron was unacceptable.

"We have been through hell this morning. They detained Aaron for well over an hour at DFW. (And deliberately kept us from our flight... we are now on an alternate) We were treated like dogs because I requested they attempt to screen him in other ways per TSA rules."

She says Aaron has Sensory Processing Disorder, which is a condition that causes anxiety in children when they are touched.

"I wish I had taped the entire interchange because it was horrifying. We had two DFW police officers that were called and flanking him on each side. Somehow these power tripping TSA agents who are traumatizing children and doing whatever they feel like without any cause, need to be reined in."

The TSA released a statement saying "all approved procedures" were followed during the pat down.

They've also tweeted the link to a blog post telling their side of the story.

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