This Photo Of A Model House Is Going Viral Because Of One Major Flaw

It's not exactly the black/blue dress, but it may take you a moment to realize what's going on with this model home. You would think that the construction company would want to make sure everything looked good for anyone who might want to purchase a home in a new development, but that did not exactly pan out as you can see in the photograph taken by Reddit user LiquidTHC

And, while at first glance, it may seem as if Bob the Builder took one too many liquid lunch breaks, another Reddit User, f0gax explains why this model home could have such a peculiar layout. 

This is a model home and sales office for the builder.

The road in front is still dirt. This house is close to being done, but it's unlikely anyone would want to live in this neighborhood until that road is done.

There's an obvious walk way from that slab to the front door.

There's no "cut" in the curb that would accommodate a different driveway. I'm sure they'll add it later when they eventually sell this house to someone. But for now it's not necessary.

Still, from the way the driveway and front door are set up might not exactly inspire confidence in a first-time homebuyer. However, it is a bit more reassuring to know that there is a method to this builder's madness. 

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