Baggy pants bandit botches escape, gets stuck upside down on fence with his underwear out

A wannabe Arizona thief was done in by his baggy pants, when he tried to jump a fence and ended up hanging upside down for everyone to see.

Friday morning at the Miles-Exploratory Learning Center in Tuscon, a locksmith saw a man trying to break into a couple of rooms.

When the man saw the locksmith, he bolted and tried to jump back over the school's fence.

He didn't quite make the jump and his pants got caught on the fence, and he was left hanging upside down with his underwear out for all to see.

Jesse Sensibar and Kristin Woodall were passing by and posted a picture of the hilarious scene to Facebook:

Like it says in Jesse's post, the man was arrested and thankfully no students were at the school during the incident.

This should be a new way to publicly shame criminals.  Hang them upside down in the town square by their baggy pants for all to see!  

Mock the baggy pants bandit!

Read more at Tuscon News Now.

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