Yikes: Indonesian villagers cut man from python's belly

Villagers in Indonesia captured and cut open a 22-foot-long python that crushed and ate a man named Akbar Salubiro, who had gone missing the night before.

In the gross video above, villagers are seen filleting the serpent and discovering Akbar's body still being digested.

The 25-year-old's body was mostly intact when he was cut out.  The night before, villagers said they heard cries from Akbar's yard after he had gone off to harvest palm oil.

The next evening Akbar's friends and family found the python laid out in back garden, with a huge belly full of man.

That snake probably had to loosen his belt a few notches after that meal!  Poor Akbar, what a horrible way to die.

Let this be a warning to you the next time you go out to harvest palm oil, bring a buddy and watch for snakes!

Read more at the Daily Mail.

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