L.A. County leaders set to condemn Chinese dog meat festival

The annual Yulin dog meat festival is coming up in the southern part of China, and Los Angeles County Supervisors are thinking about joining a national effort to pressure the government there, as well as in South Korea, to stop eating man's best friend.

Supervisor Hilda Solis wrote a motion to request that county officials send a letter to China, urging them to end the dog meat trade and festival:

“Los Angeles County is home to millions of people who care deeply about preventing animal abuse and suffering. On behalf of our residents, I ask the Board of Supervisors to join me in condemning the Yulin dog meat festival, and the rampant abuse and torture of dogs and cats for human consumption in both China and South Korea.”

During the 10-day festival, which starts on June 21, nearly 10,000 dogs are skinned alive.  Some of the dogs are pets who were stolen and butchered.

The practice is a way to mark the summer solstice because, you know, nothing says "let's kick off summer" than eating a canine kebab.

Sending strongly worded letters overseas sadly won't stop this gross practice.  It turns out eating dog meat is a growing trend.

In Indonesia, it's becoming popular because it's cheaper than beef and because the meat has "warm energy."

Even if eating dogs makes economic sense, it's still not cool.

Leave the pups alone.

Read more at the New York Times and the L.A. Daily News.

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