The Sofas of Los Angeles Get a Second Chance on Instagram

Much like the famed "Humans of New York" Instagram feed that takes photos of inspiring New Yorkers and shares their story, a new Instagram feed in LA is here to help bring fame to those who might have otherwise been forgotten and lost to history. 

You might think there's nothing nice about seeing yet another abandoned sofa being left on your street or in the alleyway behind your house, but for artist Andrew Ward, it's the perfect photo opportunity. 

After your neighbor abandons their old sofa for the new one they just bought from IKEA, Ward springs into action, posting a photo of the abandoned couch, along with its location.

More than 600 couches have gotten a second chance at their 15 minutes of fame, but they don't last long. Ward says he immediately reports the couch and its location to the city trash service so they can pick it up and remove the eyesore from LA's sidewalks.

To be honest, some of the sofas on Ward's Instagram feed look like they're in fairly decent shape (or at least would have no problem fitting in at a fraternity house). Others... well it would be charitable to call them "gently-used."

Bonus Love Seat action!

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