Round one of the Conway Clip off begins here!

Round one voting is complete!! Check your brackets here!!

(If you're having trouble seeing your results, log out, and then log back in. That should do the trick!)

Call Vince vs. Justin's Laugh.

"I Love it!" vs. Jesse Jackson's "Ding Dong!"

Why Do We Care? vs Matt's "Ding Dong!"

"My Dog Smells Like Cheese" vs Doug Steckler's "Shut Up!"

"Oh Lightning" vs Tim - "Mahalo"

"Are you kidding me?!?" vs Boy Scouts "Ding Dong!"

"Ready for some football!" vs Vic the Brick's "Mushi Mushi."

Sheron Bellio's "Thicker Hair" vs Petros and Money's "Oh T-Bone..."

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