Protesters and pepper spray at Huntington Beach MAGA rally

Last week we spoke to Jennifer Sterling, one of the organizers behind Saturday’s Make America Great Again rally in Huntington Beach.

The rally was meant to be a good time, where Trump supporters could hang out, help out veterans, and enjoy the beach.

Unfortunately things got ugly when a small group of protesters started a fight, and Sterling ended up taking some pepper spray to the face.

How awful is that?!

The OC Weekly’s write up of what happened paints a very sympathetic picture of the protesters. Titled, Huntington Beach Pro-Trump March Turns Into Attack on Anti-Trump Protesters,” the article makes it sound as if the protesters were heroes, and all of the Trump supporters people were evil racists.

One protester said about the violence:

"I'm not going to say I didn't expect it. At the end of the day, they're emboldened by a leader who supports them and they're enabled by state-sponsored racists. I think regardless of us being assaulted, anti-fascist protests need to go on. Regardless if we're outnumbered, we still need to protest.”

No, you don’t need to protest. Let the Trump people have their rally, and you can go do your own thing somewhere else. You don’t need to show up where you’re not invited and cause trouble.

The violent situation lasted for about a half hour, and California State Parks Police Captain Kevin Pearsall said four protesters were arrested.

Organizer Jennifer Sterling joined us this afternoon to talk about what went down.

Read more at KFI News  and the OC Register 

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