Louisiana doctor takes nude pics of patients, jury lets him go

Dr. Ali Sadeghi, a Louisiana doctor and father of three, was accused of taking naked photos and videos of female patients while they were under anesthesia on operating tables in preparation for surgery.

The photos and videos which took place in 2015, showed the female patients unconscious in the operating room while nurses posed and danced around them. Dr. Sadeghi then sent what he had recorded to his girlfriend. Some of the patients were cancer survivors or there for plastic surgery.

The images and videos were discovered when there was a search warrant in a case between Sadeghi and his former wife. She came out with multiple accusations against him, including that he had raped her back in 2014. But Sadeghi and his attorneys say the claims are untrue. Another trial is set for a second-degree rape charge against Sadeghi.

But on Wednesday, the jury concluded that Sadeghi was not guilty of all the charges against him in the naked photo case. The jury ruled that the pictures and recordings did not “constitute video voyeurism.” This means he is not added onto the state of Louisiana’s ‘sex offender registry’ and also doesn’t have to face one year in prison for the charges.

Although Sadeghi was found not guilty, the four women who were victims of Sadeghi’s actions found the conclusion unfair, but Sadeghi’s prosecutors claimed that there was no “criminal intent” in the photos and videos.

One of the victims, whose name has not been released, said during the trial, “The idea that there is a video of my body floating around is just difficult to deal with. There’s not a day I don’t go into the shower and spend about 10 or 15 minutes crying.”

Another one of his victims is still seeking a total of $750,000 in damages.

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