4-Year-Old British Boy Saves Mom's Life With Siri

What do you do?  You're 4 years old and you find your mother unconscious.

You have no older there to help you, just your twin and your younger sibling.

There's no landline in the home and your mom's cell has a passcode on it.

It seems like a hopeless situation.  

Well, unless you're a little boy named Roman.

Roman didn't skip a beat.

He grabbed his mother's cell, put her thumb on home button to unlock it, and then asked Siri to call 999 (Great Britain's version of 911).

Roman didn't stop there.  

Since he was on a cell, his home address didn't show up for emergency services.  Roman was able to explain the situation and give his full address o the woman he was talking to.

Thanks to Roman's poise and action, medical workers were able to get to his home and save his mother's life.

Read the full story at Gizmodo

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