The most dangerous time to be on California freeways

California traffic is always a driver’s worst nightmare, but there is a certain time during the week that is actually the most dangerous to drive on the freeway.

Friday’s from 5p.m. to 7p.m. is the most risky time to be on those congested California freeways.

In 2016, just between those hours on Friday alone, there were a total of 4,995 collisions on the freeway, while on Wednesday, there were only a total of 3,962 during that same time.

Statistics show that there were a total of 30,756 accidents in the year 2016 on Friday’s, making it the day of the week with the highest accident total. For example, only 25,886 accidents occurred on Tuesdays.

“It is a matter of high traffic volume combines with drivers’ urge to either get home for the weekend, get to a Friday night party or leave town,” said Jeffrey Spring, a communications manager for the American Automobile Association.

Although eagerness to get home after a tiresome week is a definite reason to why there are a high amount of collisions, drivers being distracted while driving is also a reason why accidents are occurring more frequently.

People have their eyes glued to their smartphones rather than the road, which is another factor to the high amount of car accidents.

Even though collisions are on the rise, especially on Friday nights, one positive note is that a majority of the accidents that occur aren’t fatal.

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