Success From Socks -- Bombas

Randy Goldberg and David Heath were two guys working for a media company that dreamed of being their own boss, they say they talked 'all the time' about starting a business together.

Until one day, the talk became a reality, when Dave saw a Facebook post about the Salvation Army talking about how socks were the most requested item.

So, based on that, they came up with an idea, quit their jobs, and launched a business they named "Bombas."

Why "Bombas?"  It's the Latin word for 'bee' and the two explain that bees work together, for the greater good, and that was their goal.  They wanted to donate a pair of socks for every pair sold, with the goal of donating 1 million pairs of socks in 10 years time.

Did they achieve that goal?  Find out, listen to Bill's segment on Bombas.  

Check out their website HERE.

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