Kitten Vs. President Trump

Lucy, is a 17-year-old girl from San Francisco, who isn't a fan of President Trump.

So, she created a website called TrumpScratch in which users get to scratch President Trump's face with kitten paws.

Well, pretty soon, Lucy got a letter in the mail from the general counsel who represents President Trump.

The letter asked Lucy to not only 'cease and desist' but also to shut down her website.

So, Lucy decided NOT to remove the site, but instead just change the website's name to 'KittenFeed.'

Well, President Trump's attorney was not satisfied, and continues to ask the girl to take the website down.

Lucy's family has not yet decided what they are going to do.   Since the story has received attention, the site has gone from 3,000 visitors to more than 50,000.  You can check it out HERE.

Listen to Wayne Resnick present that and two other cases to "Judge Handel" for our weekly "Handel On The Law" segment!

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