California joins fight against defunding sanctuary cities

(State Attorney General Xavier Becerra)

State Attorney General Xavier Becerra filed a brief supporting a lawsuit filed by Santa Clara County which challenges President Trump's order to go after sanctuary cities.

The brief says Trump's order threatens to take away federal funds from states and cities that don't help enforce federal immigration laws.

Why is it wrong to enforce federal laws?!  There have to be repercussions from the feds on this, and taking away federal money might make these dopey politicians wake up.

Last month Santa Clara County asked a federal judge to block the order, which could cut close to $1.7 billion in federal money to local governments.

Xavier Becerra says he has "has a responsibility to protect state laws and policies that ensure public safety and protect the constitutional rights of residents."

But you're not doing that, Xavier!  You're moving to create a state that would protect illegal criminals. Violent people will benefit from this kind of policy.

You're completely ignoring legal taxpayers, and it's a total slap in the face to the good people of California.

Read more at KFI News.

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