Forget April, Get Your #FionaFix Instead!

I LOVE giraffes, so I was very excited about April, the Giraffe giving birth and I've been obsessed with watching her online.

But now I'm beginning to think that April the Giraffe is faking her pregnancy to keep her man.  Because that bitch has not dropped that baby yet!  C'mon April...WE'VE BEEN WAITING FOREVER!

To be fair, zoo staff say that April appears 'agitated' today, that could indicate imminent birth....but they've said that before so I don't buy it.

So, as April fatigue gets worse day by day, I've decided that instead I'm following Fiona the Hippo instead because she's far more entertaining on a day to day basis.

Fiona was born January 24th at the Cincinnati Zoo.  She was SIX weeks premature, which was very worrisome to staff.  She's needed 24-hour care and a LOT of help from zoo staff since her birth in order for her to thrive.

The Cincinnati Zoo has been doing a blog about Fiona's progress daily and posting videos, and she's about the cutest thing you'd ever see.  

Here's one of their first videos.

Here's when Fiona was first introduced to a water spray, which her parents, Bibi and Henry love as well . 

Two weeks ago Fiona, then just under 70 pounds got a little ramp, which she needed to be coaxed to use to help her into her pool so she could truly enjoy the water, as every hippo should!   

This week, Fiona reached another milestone...she's now 100 pounds! In addition to her formula, she's now eating hay and grain.  Zoo staff is hopeful that she'll be able to be reunited with her parents, Bibi and Henry soon!

So, forget April!  and get your daily #FionaFix HERE

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