Bridge closure leaves California's Big Sur community reeling

BIG SUR, Calif. (AP) -- With almost all the hotels, restaurants and state parks closed on the south side of a downed bridge along iconic Highway 1 in Central California, Kurt Mayer has chosen to keep his deli and taproom open. It's a move that is costing him money.

The bridge closure requires him to take a six-hour round-trip route several times a week to buy goods to stock the shelves. Business is down at least 50 percent.

Yet he's keeping his doors open for the locals who need produce, milk and propane because they support him year round.

Heavy rain in January and February damaged the Pfeiffer Canyon Bridge beyond repair, stranding more than 400 residents on one side and keeping tourists from the community known for its luxury spas, posh hotels and scenic retreats. A new bridge will be built in six to nine months.

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