Stephen Colbert welcomes... Stephen Colbert to the Late Show

Late night funnyman and 'noted Grandma hugger' Stephen Colbert was visited by a ghost from his past - Stephen Colbert. 

While delivering his monologue on President Trump's new budget, Colbert's former persona interrupted to defend Trump's cuts to programs like Meals on Wheels and after school programs. 

To be clear, this was not Colbert's former character from The Colbert Report (which saw its final episode in 2015). Instead, this was a different conservative pundit (one free from any possible intellectual property disputes) who took over Stephen's desk to deliver the Werd on Trump's budget. 

Many people have credited Colbert's increased scrutiny of Trump and his administration for a recent surge in his late-night ratings. Colbert beat Fallon and The Tonight Show for seven consecutive weeks. Colbert's audience has averaged around 3.2 million every night, a slight, but noticeable increase that's been enough to beat Fallon. 

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