China using facial recognition software to fight toilet paper thieves

Toilet paper thieves in Beijing's Temple of Heaven Park are running amok, hiding in plain sight while they cram their bags full of free sheets.

But now authorities are fighting back by installing high-tech dispensers equipped with facial recognition software.

A visitor must stare into a computer for 3 seconds before the machine dispenses paper, exactly 2 feet in length.

If you want more paper, sorry.  You have to wait 9 minutes before the machine will let you have more.

Some people are pleased with the new machines, but others hate them.  Some even bang them out of frustration, and these things aren't cheap.  Each one costs about $720.

Wang Jianquan, a 63-year-old retired shopping mall manager griped:

“The sheets are too short."

Maybe they should just get rid of the toilet paper altogether, and the park can institute a BYOTP policy?

Read more at the New York Times.

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