CA assemblywoman wants to tax millionaires for free college tuition

College tuition in this state is really out of control, but one assemblywoman's plan to tax the super wealthy to pay for free college isn't the answer.

Assemblywoman Susan Talamantes Eggman is introducing a bill that would make a 1% tax on Californians taking home more than $1 million per year.

The Democrat from Stockton says the tax would provide about $2.2 billion a year, which she believes would be enough money to pay for public college tuition fees:

“I see this as an investment in California’s overall future."

The bill, AB1356, would need a 2/3 vote in the Legislature and it would also be on the ballot so voters can decide on it.

Jon Coupal, President of the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association and frequent John and Ken Show guest, said this tax would not solve anything.

He believes students should contribute to their education costs, and he's right.  Free college won't mean anything, and not everyone needs to go to college.  There's still plenty of other work and services we need, and these days colleges are a breeding ground for morons.

He also believes the tax would “give California citizens who have done well one more reason to move out of California."

He's right about that too, the California dream is dead.

No more taxes!

Read more at KFI News.

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