2-Year-Old Twins Throw All-Night Rager

Some kids just won't sleep through the night.  They cry and whine.  They want to eat.  They want to play.  They want to do anything, anything that isn't sleeping.

Well, twin two-year-old boys, Andrew and Ryan Balkin, decided they were going to throw a party.  Sure it was just the two of them, but they had one crazy night.

There was crib sharing, crib swapping, pillow fights, wrestling, dancing.  You name it, they did it.

The only problem for them was that they didn't quite realize that mom and dad had a camera recording their every move.  

Jonathan and Susana could hear giggling and playing noises from their boys' room, so they used their little spy camera and saw everything their kids were up to.  

They knew they couldn't stop them, so they taught them how to carefully climb out of their beds so they wouldn't hurt themselves.

"They did it once, but they weren't really doing it (regularly)," Balkin explained. "We said, OK, if they're going to climb out ... we taught them how to carefully lift one leg over, then the body."

So, it seems these parents may have actually brought all this craziness on themselves.

Either way, it is pretty funny to watch.

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