Woman parodies "BBC Dad" video by multitasking

Ever since the endearing BBC interview where a man's children interrupted the internet has responded with several parodies. The newest one features 'how a mother would handle the interruption'. 

The bit starts of the same way as the original interview, she takes questions in her home office when her daughter comes in. The mom doesn't miss a beat and begins to feed her. The rest of the interview takes turn after turn and she takes them all in stride. 

The creator wanted to make a statement about how "a woman imagines what that interview would have been like if a mom was at the helm" according to BBC. 

She invites her daughter to sit on her lap as she feeds her. 

When her younger child comes in she immediately begins to entertain him. 

She pulls dinner out of the oven. 

She steams a man's shirt. 

She cleans a toilet. 

She calmly diffuses a bomb. 

She helps her husband find his missing sock. 

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