Trump's budget goes after sanctuary cities, proposed $200 M to be withheld

The idea of a sanctuary state is totally absurd and dangerous.  We're dealing with the deadly repercussions in Southern California, but leaders like Eric Garcetti, Jerry Brown, and Kevin De León insist that Trump is the problem.

So Trump is fighting back by proposing to cut $210 million in federal reimbursements to state and local jails that hold illegal immigrant criminals.

Why would Trump cut money to jails holding illegals?

Well the administration says the current program is "poorly targeted," adding that 2/3 of the money goes only to a handful of states "for the cost of incarcerating certain illegal criminal aliens."

Many law enforcement agencies and cities aren't enforcing federal immigration law, so the President is looking for ways to make them.

Executive director of the Center for Immigration Studies, and frequent show guest, Mark Krikorian told the L.A. Times:

“They are not working with the feds to try to address the immigration problem, so why should they be reimbursed for the costs of unsuccessful federal immigration enforcement?”

Trump's budget proposes eliminating money from State Criminal Alien Assistance Program, a Justice Department program that hands out the reimbursements to jails.

Last year the California state government got $50.6 million in reimbursements under the program.

But Krikorian expects Congress to keep the money for local jails:

“It might be useful to keep because then you can use it as a sweetener for some jurisdictions not to be sanctuary cities."

The President wants to use the savings from cutting the program to hire:

  • 75 new immigration judges
  • 60 federal prosecutors to focus on border enforcement
  • 40 more deputy U.S. marshals to help with "the apprehension, transportation, and prosecution” of illegals

We can't let California become a sanctuary state.  That's why you need to click here to sign Sen. Joel Anderson's petition and let your voice be heard!  Do not let Kevin De León have his way, he's ruining this state!

Read more at the L.A. Times.

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