Report: Illegals are missing doctor's appointments out of fear of deportation

A report from ABC 7 says fear of deportation is keeping illegal immigrants from going to their doctor's appointments.

This is such a one-sided report, clearly meant to make us feel sympathetic for the people interviewed.  But we don't.  Why should we feel bad?!  These people are breaking the law.

At the Antelope Valley Community Clinic in Lancaster, they'll see anybody regardless of immigration status.

But according to dentist Dr. Richard Rojas, doctors at the clinic are seeing more patients skip their appointments:

"In the last few months we noticed a drop-off considerably in the number of people that are coming in for treatment."

ABC 7 reporter Denise Dador talked with "Maria," an illegal immigrant with two kids, who are citizens, who need regular checkups and immunizations:

"I'm afraid with all the news and everything that they tell us that we're going to get stopped at any time and deported."

Doctor Rojas says the Community Clinic Association of Los Angeles County has been offering him and others like him training on how to talk to patients and their health rights:

"We don't divulge their information to anybody," Rojas said. "Not only we just don't do it because it's not right but because it's a HIPAA violation and they should understand and feel safe here."

"Maria" apparently has a notarized plan for where her children will go if ICE picks her up and added:

"Living in fear is not something that I wish on anybody."

What kind of a nonsense report was that?!  

It's time to make Mexico great again, not send all it's problems to America.

Read more at ABC 7.

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