Lake Oroville releases and Feather River flows to increase

Photo Credit: Getty Images

OROVILLE, Calif. (AP) — As part of its ongoing management of water flows, the state Department of Water Resources will increase outflows from Lake Oroville to the Feather River.

The outflows will be increased from 13,300 cubic feet per second to 50,000 cubic feet per second Friday.

These flow levels will be achieved by reducing releases from the Hyatt Power Plant and then adding releases through the regular Oroville Dam flood control spillway.

The Feather River elevation will rise between 10 and 15 feet Friday.

Anglers, boaters, and other river users should be aware of the increased flows, as the river will become deeper and swifter.

Outflows and river levels will remain steady for roughly a week before being reduced again. The increased flows will continue to leave sufficient storage in Lake Oroville to take on more water from rain or snowmelt.

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