Corden and Beauty and the Beast stars recreate the magic on a crosswalk

The Late Late Show with James Corden enlisted the help of three Beauty and the Beast actors to reenct the classic musical on the world's biggest stage: The Crosswalk outside Corden's studio. 

This is not the first Crosswalk musical but it is one of the most memorable because it came days before the live-action movie premiered on Friday. 

Corden and crew took over the crosswalk of Beverly Boulevard at CBS to put on a short version of the classic musical. There were costume changes, big production numbers and a romantic happily ever after. All done during the pedestrian crossing signal. 

Much like playing in the street as a kid, the group hilariously yells out "caaarrrss" every-time the signal stops and the cars start to move. 

It is a longer video but it is definitely worth it. 

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