Swimsuits Fit for a Princess

Swimwear line Enchanted Bikinis has created a line inspired by fairy tales and princesses.

The company's goal is simple, let your inner princess out!

"Our mission is to let the princess in you glow and enchant everyone and everything around, when you wear your Enchanted bikini. We believe that every woman can feel this way without putting on a costume."

While the brand isn't affiliated with Disney, their first collection is giving off some obvious mouse-ear vibes.

The line is filled with bikini tops and bottoms that closely resemble the gowns and costumes Ariel, Belle, Pocahontas, Snow White, Aurora, Jasmine and Rapunzel wore in their movies.

The first five styles of their line is available on their site in high or low waist bottoms and are sized "for all women".

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