Radio Host Attacked

Conservative radio host and major President Trump supporter Micheal Savage was attacked outside of a restaurant in Marin County.

Seventy-five year old Savage was leaving Servino Ristorante in San Francisco when a man he didn't know allegedly began to yell at him.

Savage's attorney Daniel Horowitz says the man seemed to be in his 50s, was over six feet tall and began to mock Savage.

The man called him "weenie" and "Weiner", a reference to Savage's real last name Weiner. 

Horowitz says Savage asked the man to leave him alone and "get lost" but that's when the man pushed him down and then allegedly punched a good Samaritan in the face who rushed to help.

Tiburon Police spokeswoman Laurie Nilsen says both men are blaming the other for starting the fight and wanted to press charges.

Savage released a statement denying he started the fight, claiming his hands were full at the time with his toy poodle, Teddy, and a to-go bag.

Officers are gathering evidence and are planning to forward a report to the Marin County district attorney's office.

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