Vic "The Brick" diagnosed with stage 3 colorectal cancer

It's a sad day in Los Angeles, as Vic "The Brick" Jacobs told the Tim Conway Jr. show that he has been diagnosed with Stage Three colorectal cancer.

Vic plans to use his situation to serve as a beacon of light to others, while bringing attention to Colon Cancer Awareness. 

He told Tim people need to stop being afraid to talk about this type of cancer and the parts of the body impacted, like the rectum. 

On a personal note - Vic is one of the brightest lights here at iHeart LA. He always has a smile and a kind word for and, about everyone. He's that one guy in the office everybody knows and everybody loves. 

We are feeling you Vic, and supporting you all the way.  - With love and support - your KFI family!

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Listen to his full interview with Tim Conway Jr. here

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