Ezekiel Elliott exposes woman's breast at St. Patty's Party

Running back for the Dallas Cowboys, Ezekiel Elliott, was captured on video of exposing a woman’s breast at a parade in Dallas on Saturday.

A representative of Elliott claimed that the woman wasn’t angry and that she actually continued to hang out with Ezekiel and friends after the parade was over, but others aren't taking the incident so lightly.

“The evidence for it is, he pulled down her shirt, exposed her breasts, and she slapped him away. She clearly didn’t want him to be doing it, and she didn’t give him permission to do that…,” said Shaunna Thomas to TMZ Sports. Thomas is the executive director of women’s-rights group called Ultraviolet.

This also isn’t Elliott’s first incident in regards to some sort of assault on a woman.

A woman named Tiffany Thompson came out and claimed that Elliott had abused her five times in July 2016 and posted pictures of herself with bruises. Thompson said the marks on her body were caused by Elliot.

Ezekiel refused to admit to the allegations and authorities dropped the charges last year. However, the NFL has looked into Elliot’s case, including Thompson's claim that Elliott had pushed her into a wall.

In January, Jerry Jones, owner of the Cowboys, said, “…not one thing has come up or surfaced that in any way gives me any concern.”

The Cowboys have yet to comment on Saturday’s incident and the NFL has not come out on whether the league will punish Elliott or not. 

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