Teacher Sex Scandal Means Another Hot Or Not

Haeli Wey has been arrested on felony charges for sex following reports that she had sexual relations with two teenage Westlake High School students, where she taught in Austin, Texas.

Wey, 28, started having relations with the first male student in August after meeting him at a student ministry program earlier in the summer.  She became close enough to the family to be able to join them on vacation in Africa during the summer, and then allegedly began having sex with the boy after that.

That young man told his father about the relationship after he learned that Wey asked another male student to join her on a hike in a secluded park.  During that hike, Wey and the teenager reportedly made out while the boy fondled her breasts and genitals.

Read the full story at New York Daily News

All of that leads us to our recurring, hard-hitting question...is Haeli Wey hot or not?

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