Man Outraged Over Dropped Exposing Charges

A man in Encino is outraged after charges against his neighbor for exposing himself have been dropped completely.

A video recording shows the man pulling down his pants and mooning the camera in September 2016.  The man then drops off some mail, comes back around, pulls his pants down again, and totally exposes himself to the camera.

The man that recorded the video is extremely upset that the indecent exposure charges that the man was arrested on have been dismissed.

According to the deputy director at the city attorney's office, the charges were dropped because "[indecent exposure] requires proof that the defendant not only meant to expose himself, but intended by his conduct to direct public attention to his genitals for purposes of sexually arousing or gratifying himself or herself, or sexually offending another person.”

The neighbor that recorded video does not understand how the actions did not qualify as sexually offensive.

He added, "We feel defenseless, completely defenseless. From now on, going naked, exposing your genitals in the middle of the street, is not a crime in the city of Los Angeles anymore."

Read the full story at CBS Los Angeles

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