FrontPage Mag: 'How Democrats brought a Muslim Child Molester to America'

The Trump travel order has the media and the Trump-haters in a frenzy, calling it unconstitutional and acting as if it's some kind of injustice.

If people took the time to breathe and realize what the President is doing, they'd see that he's trying to re-introduce some common sense back into the country and work to keep legal citizens safe.

But Democrats and liberals will do whatever it takes these days to make sure their agenda wins, and they'll do it at the expense of children.

Democrats in Upstate New York were so anti-Trump and against his travel ban, that they actively worked to bring in a man who turned out to be a child molester.

And when it came out that the man, Tanveer Hussain, was a child molester, adults in the community still came to his defense and betrayed the 12-year-old girl he molested.

This is the sick kind of thinking "progressives" have.  They'll fight for and protect child molesters.

Daniel Greenfield's piece in FrontPage Mag details the whole story:

"When Tanveer Hussain and Abid Khan weren’t allowed into the United States, they blamed President Trump. So did the media outlets that covered the story. The controversial Democrat mayor of Saranac Lake reached out to fellow New York party members Senator Charles Schumer and Senator Kirsten Gillibrand. They leaned on the local embassy and Hussain and Khan were waved through.

“Still a country that welcomes athletes from across the globe,” Senator Schumer’s statement read.  The statement, shared on Hussain’s Facebook page, declared, “So proud of the town of Saranac Lake for their efforts and their open hearts.”

Below it was a photo of Tanveer Hussain surrounded by Saranac Lake Middle School students.  The seventh graders had been drafted to write letters to Schumer and Gillibrand on Hussain’s behalf.

“We came in and talked to a small group of kids. I said, ‘This is bothering me. Is it bothering anyone else?’” Amy Jones, their teacher, had insisted..."

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