What if Trump and Hillary had swapped genders?

A group of professors has put on a very interesting play, shedding light on the biases surrounding the 2016 election.

INSEAD professor Maria Guadalupe wanted to know what would happen if she restaged the presidential debates and switched the genders.  A woman would recite Trump's words line for line, and a man would do the same and play Hillary.

They replicated gestures, body language, and the tone of the candidates verbatim.

Would people judge them differently?  

The ethnodrama called Her Opponent yielded some very interesting results.  Alexis Soloski from the New York Times said:

"Most of the people there had watched the debates assuming that Ms. Clinton couldn’t lose. This time they watched trying to figure out how Mr. Trump could have won.”

It turns out people liked Trump when he was played by a woman, and they better understood why people voted for him.

Read more at NYU, it's interesting stuff.

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