Pregnant Woman Chases Down Robber

Two people chased down a would-be robber in Canyon Country.

The twist?

One isn't even born yet!

Twenty-three year old Janette Garlow is eight months pregnant and was shopping at her local convenience store on Soledad Canyon Road.

As she was getting a money order for her family's monthly rent, she felt a man rush behind her.

The man tried to steal almost $2,000 from Garlow.

When he tried to run away, she says she wasn't going to let it happen.

“All I could really think was, 'you're not taking my rent money.' My husband just worked so hard for that money, I'm going to get that money back."

The two scuffled as the man slipped on a rug and took Garlow down with him.

The suspect dropped some of the cash before making it outside to a car with two other people.

Garlow got back up, ran outside and grabbed the car door.

But when she felt the car begin to take off she realized the risk was too high;

"You're eight months pregnant. You cannot be chasing took me a second to kind of turn that fight or flight off and think about, like, 'Oh my gosh, my son. This can't happen right now.'"

In the end, the thief only got a way with $40 and beyond a few scratches, Garlow and baby are otherwise unharmed.

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