Mayoral Candidate “Pinky” Herman Drops Beats To Promote Campaign

Actress Diane “Pinky” Herman is running against Mayor Eric Garcetti and is doing whatever she can to promote her campaign, including rapping about it.

The candidate raps about all of the reasons why you should vote for her. According to the video, she’s focused on LGBTQ rights and free education. She’s also using a campaign hashtag that’s eerily familiar: #MakeLAGreatAgain.

This isn’t her first video rodeo in the public eye - last year, Pinky danced to Bruno Mar’s “Uptown Funk” while surrounded by some semi-shirtless men. She made the video after thousands were moved away from Porter Ranch when a methane gas leak was detected. 

According to Pinky - "Dance has no age limit and every situation has a Pink Positive lining to it!"

She also made an appearance on “People’s Court.”

While she’s probably not going to be the next mayor of Los Angeles, she gave a valiant campaign effort.

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