Sign Sen. Joel Anderson's petition against dangerous SB 54

Click here to sign Sen. Anderson's petition!!!

Kevin De León's SB 54 is one of the most disgusting and dangerous policies in recent memory.

SB 54 prevents local and state police agencies from using their resources to help federal authorities with immigration enforcement.

Police are basically supposed to turn a blind eye to rapists and murderers, because De León and the other crackpots are worried about trust between law enforcement and immigrant communities.

Making California a sanctuary state is dangerous!  State Senator Joel Anderson spoke this morning with a number of sheriffs on the dangers of SB 54.

Anderson has a petition on his website against SB 54.  If you agree that California should not become a sanctuary state for illegal aliens convicted of serious felonies, then you need to sign his petition!

Click here to sign

Anderson joined us this afternoon.  Listen to his interview, it's important!

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