Violence, vandalism, and no respect for the law: Katie Hopkins details what's really happening in Sweden

Sweden is often touted as a role-model country, a country that the U.S. could be more like.  But liberals are in denial about what's really going on in Sweden and countries like it.

Mass immigration into the country is creating no-go zones, even for police.  Here's what the Daily Mail's Katie Hopkins writes:

"The fears are real. The areas migrants inhabit have become sink suburbs, riddled with no-go zones, even for the police, where hand-grenade attacks are the accepted norm, women stay indoors, and the ambulances and fire engines need police escorts. God help any good people forced to live here."

She continues:

"I met with Group Commander Fredrik Liljegren who heads up Kista Fire Station. His is the toughest fire station in Sweden, dealing with the highest incident rate in the country.

Four members of his team work full time to help migrant children understand why it is important to let these crews do their work. Not to throw rocks at the vehicles. Or slash their tyres. Or cut the hoses.

These feel like lessons in humanity, sadly lacking in this place.

I asked Mattias whether he thought these suburbs would end up being walled off, like mini-Mexicos, in an effort to contain the problem.

He told me it was more likely that gated communities would spring up — walls of another sort, to keep the bad out and protect those within, but no less depressing and divisive.

Here at the fire station he is not wrong. A reinforced fence is being built all the way around the premises to try to prevent break-ins. Five cutting tools have been stolen from this station alone — whilst the vehicles were in the station.

This is what multiculturalism looks like in 21st-century Sweden. I am stunned the moral bar has never fallen so low."

But if you call attention to what's happening, you're branded a racist and a xenophobe.  The west may value multiculturalism, but many parts of the world do not.

It's not inclusive to include that kind of thinking, because doing so will only bring about your demise.

Read Katie Hopkin's full piece at the Daily Mail.

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