Illegal alien MS-13 gang members kill woman in 'Satanic Ritual'

Two illegal alien MS-13 gang members are in jail in Houston for killing a woman as part of a 'Satanic Ritual.'

The victim is an unidentified Hispanic woman, whose body was found in February.

Court documents reveal horrifying accusations from a 14-year-old girl, who says the men spent 18 days fueled by drugs and committing sexual assault.

Diego Rivera and Miguel Alvarez-Flores were all smiles when their charges were read to them this morning. One of them even turned around and waved to the camera.

The 14-year-old girl says she met the men at an apartment in south Houston.

She had run away from school, and was held against her will by the men for 4 days.

On her final day at the apartment, she was sexually assaulted and then taken to another apartment where she was held for another 14 days.

They forced her to take drugs and alcohol so she would be intoxicated the whole time.  At one point, Alvarez-Florez tattooed an image of the Grim Reaper on her, from her knee down to her foot.

The teen told the court the apartment was a shrine to Satan, and said that there was another woman in the apartment named "Genesis."

The men told her Satan needed a soul, and the next morning "Genesis" was gone.

Police found her body on February 16th.  Both men are now being held on $150,000 in the Harris County Jail.

This kind of story makes you feel physically sick.  

Read more at the Daily Mail.

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