Scientists find swimmers could be surrounded by 50 gallons of urine

Now it's time for some science!  A new study reveals that swimmers in an Olympic-sized pool could be surrounded by up to 50 gallons of pee.

Scientists used an artificial sweetener to called acesulfame potassium (ACE) to measure how much pee is in the pool.

ACE is consistently present in urine, making it easy to monitor in pool levels.

Tests found that in a 91,500 gallon pool, there was 5.8 gallons of urine.  And in a  183,000 gallon pool, which is a third of the size of an Olympic pool, there was 17 gallons of pee mixed in with the water.

Peeing in the pool is not a condoned practice, but Olympic swimmers have admitted to doing it, and 19% adults have also admitted they've whizzed in the water.

Don't pee in pools, people.  Sure urine is sterile, but if it's mixed with chlorine it can cause eye and respiratory irritation.

 It's also been linked to occupational asthma.  So don't contribute to pee soup, go in the toilet like a normal person.

Read more at the Telegraph UK.

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