Dog Comes With Owner's Manual

This is quite possibly the most adorable thing I've ever seen in my life.

Listen, I don't like it when people surrender pets to shelters, in fact, most of the time it makes me angry because it's usually for a stupid reason....But I'm giving this family a pass.

Rhino Lightning, is a 65 pound, 3-year-old pup.  

In December he was adopted from the Utah Humane Society by a family that included four small children, one of whom is an 8-year-old little girl.

The family loved Rhino, but they brought him back to the shelter about a month later because they said although he was a good dog, he was 'unaware of his size' and ended up not being the right fit for the family.

When Rhino returned to the shelter, he came with toys, treats, blankets and a little pocket notebook.

The notebook, written by the little girl, was filled with notes about Rhino, his likes and dislikes and instructions for Rhino's new owner.

Here's some of what was included in the notebook (written below exactly the way the 8-year-old wrote it.)

"Please don't change his name. His full name is Rhino Litning then your last name. Please don't rename him."

"Rhino is a good dog and loves cudles. Gust don't tease him with treats, he will start to bark like crazy. Then you gust have to try to calm him." 

"He is a very amazing puppy. Rhino needs lots of atenchun he loves people."

"He likes sleeping under blankets." 

"Don't give him any tenniss balls, he rips thouse aparte in one day."

"Take him out on at least 2 or 3 runs a day."  

""Rhino is a striped dream. His cheeks make a lot of slodder."

"Tell Rhino I love him and I miss him every night"

When Rhino's story appeared on the local news, a woman watching just knew that he was the dog for her, so she adopted him.

Melanie Hill is Rhino's new owner, and she told ABC News:

"I want this little girl to know her puppy is smothered in love.  Neighbors have brought toys and treats, everyone comes to visit him.  He is safe, and he is so, so loved." 

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