Dr. Phil talks to Florida killer who chewed man's face

The Florida college student who killed a couple outside of their home and chewed on the man's face told Dr. Phil that he had been running from a demon named Daniel before the attack.

Dr. Phil's interview with Austin Harrouff was supposed to air on October 28th, but it was pulled at the last minute with no explanation.

Harrouff was interviewed from the hospital via webcam while deputies guarded him.

His lawyers didn't know he had done the interview.

Harrouff, 20, is charged with murdering John Stevens and his wife Michelle Mishcon on August 15th outside of their Tequesta-area home.

He attacked the couple after storming out of dinner with his father and others, who say he was acting weird.

Harrouff told Dr. Phil:

"I am so sorry, it's like a nightmare.  I don't know how to put it into words."

He doesn't remember much of what happened that night, but he does remember a demon-like figure named Daniel:

"When I saw him, it wasn't like a clear person.  I heard his voice distinctly. When I saw him, I just got scared out of my mind."

It's believed that Harrouff was on bath salts or flakka, but he denies ever taking the substances.

When Dr. Phil asked Harrouff if he's mentally ill, Harrouff responded:

"I guess so." 

Read more at the New York Daily News.

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