CNN: Secret safe houses for illegals popping up around L.A.

Religious leaders in the L.A. area have created an underground network of homes meant to "shelter" illegal immigrants from deportation.

According to CNN, the "Rapid Response Team" could hide hundreds, potentially thousands, of illegals across Southern California.

Pastor Ada Valiente showed off a home ready to house three families.  She said what she and others are doing is important:

"That's what we need to do to as a community to keep families together."

Under federal law, places like churches and synagogues are technically public spaces that authorities could enter for law enforcement purposes.

In 2011, the DHS made a policy limiting ICE action at religious locations.

The policy ordered ICE to not enter "sensitive locations" like schools or places of worship.

Mark Krikorian, Executive Director of the Center for Immigration Studies, says hiding illegals in these homes is breaking the law:

"They're committing a felony.  Harboring is a felony.  Regular folks hiding people in a basement face jail time because it is ultimately a smuggling conspiracy."

Some of the other people featured in the CNN piece equate Trump's enforcement of immigration law to the practices of Nazi Germany.

There is no way to compare the two.  This is what CNN writes:

"The Jewish man offering his home as a safe house says he draws upon his religion's history during WWII. As the Nazis rounded up Jews for detention and eventual extermination, Germans resisted their government, hiding their Jewish friends and neighbors in attics and basements.

'It's hard as a Jew not to think about both all the people who did open their doors and their homes and take risks to safeguard Jews in [a] moment when they were really vulnerable, as well as those who didn't. We'd like to be the people who did.'"

Read the whole piece at CNN.

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