Rep. Tom McClintock on recent Town Hall meetings

Many Republican politicians in California are laying low during the congressional recess, not wanting to deal with the throngs of angry protesters who show up to town hall meetings.

The last time Rep. Tom McClintock held a town hall, he had to leave with a police escort while hundreds of protesters surrounded him and yelled at him.

McClintock backs cutting off federal funding to sanctuary cities, and he's for rolling back California's environmental regulations.  He's also clashed with protesters over repealing and replacing Obamacare.

Basically, California is the 'Alt-America' who does not agree at all with Trump's policies.  So when there are state politicians who think Trump's ideas are good, the left quickly slams them.

But McClintock isn't afraid of the angry crowds, in fact he welcomes them.  At a town hall on Tuesday he started by telling the crowd:

"This evening is yours. Have at it."

He even extended the forum to keep taking questions for more than 2 hours.

Rep. Tom McClintock joined us this afternoon to talk more about the forums:

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